The Value of Information Security

Information Security

Image Courtesy of Purple Slog at Flickr

“Information security” – with the advent of the digital age, this term has taken on an entirely new meaning. Data is captured, stored and used in electronic format, making it highly susceptible to security breaches and the misuse of the information.

The term is defined as the practice of defending information, whether electronic of physical, from unauthorised use. This is achieved through the application of sound operational practices, guided by policy (does your organisation have a policy?) to protect information at all levels; while being captured, processed, shared or stored.

In terms of IT information security, the risk is exponential and strict compliance with IT Security Policy is required to avoid hefty penalties.

Not sure what IT Security Policy entails? It’s best to find out – ignorance does not remove accountability.

Whether the information you hold is susceptible to use, disclosure, disruption, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction, it is essential that you are aware of the compliance requirements for information security in your industry.

In many instances, innovative software can be used to ensure operational compliance with internal security policies, national and international regulations and industry best practices. After all, compliance is a requirement, not an option – and the cost of non-compliance is high.

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