Kaluma’s Executive Briefing on The British Data Protection Act (DPA)

UK Data Protection Act

Data protection is a global problem – the Internet is speeding up globalisation at an alarming rate and personal information is available in abundance, at the click of a button. If you do business in the United Kingdom (UK), then it is essential that you comply with the Act, which is enforced by the Information Commissioner (ICO).

The ICO is required to execute his/her duties by promoting good practice in handling personal data, giving advice regarding data protection when required, keeping a register of business that have confirmed their information-processing activities, assisting in dispute resolution and enforcing compliance. In certain cases, this may lead to the ICO prosecuting offences.

The Act sets out particular rights and duties that businesses must follow when storing and processing personal information. While some limited exemptions exist, these are not blanket exemptions and ignorance of where the exemption ends and the duties begin will not remove the consequences of contravention.

Do you know what these rights and duties are? Do you know whether you are exempt?
If you don’t, or if your staff don’t, you may land yourself in hot water.


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