The Value of Ironclad Security Policies

IT Security Policies

Through the development of reliable security policies, businesses decrease their risk profile by combatting both internal and external threats. Yet, according to Computer Weekly, very few organisations take the time and effort to develop decent policies. Copying and pasting an example from the Internet leaves the company exposed. In drawing up security policies, customisation is key.

When a policy is tailor-made for your business, it offers great benefits, such as: a reliable, documented structure and instructions to follow; guidelines to function according to; easing the decision making process; a clear outline of duties and accountabilities to refer back to; and so on.

An ideal policy will include sections such as: a well-defined scope; roles and responsibilities; timelines; actions required; the consequences if the guidelines are not followed; and references to other policies or procedures. It is also essential that the document outlines how it will be applied and enforced, or it will be ineffectual.

Do you have an ironclad policy?

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