Optimising Compliance through IT Audits

IT Audits

The general definition of an Information Technology Audit (IT Audits) is; “the examination and evaluation of an organisation’s information technology infrastructure, policies and operations”. This in-depth assessment of the organisation’s technical environment allows the identification of safety or compliance gaps, allowing the business to implement the necessary solutions to prevent a breach, while proving compliance.

IT audits play a critical role in the strategic development of the company, from an IT perspective. It also ensures that a written report is available to be reviewed when required, offering reliable information on demand. From this information, the company will be able to ascertain whether its IT systems are fully protected and properly managed, reducing risks and increasing efficiencies.

By conducting an IT audit, an evidentiary audit trail is created, which provides a detailed set of records of the actions taken or occurrences within the company during a specific period of time. This allows the company to evaluate what went wrong in instances of a breach, enabling it to reconstruct a particular event.

Customised web applications are hugely beneficial to the IT audit process, both in terms of ease of use and accuracy. The only way to guarantee compliance is to have a full record of what was done when. An automated system is the key to capturing accurate and efficient compliance evidence.

Is your IT audit and compliance evidence up to date?

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net