Kaluma’s Executive Briefing on Protection of Personal Information

THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION IN SOUTH AFRICA The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) strives to promote the protection of information processed and/or published by private and public bodies. This is essential to protect the rights entrenched in the Bill of Rights, in accordance with international standards. The Act was signed by the President […]

The Intricacies of IT Compliance

As the Information Technology sector continues to grow with fervour, governance issues regularly arise. Rules, regulations and compliance requirements are constantly being developed. To protect the vast amount of information available, and to ensure that enterprise implementations are conducted in accordance with the necessary obligations, the governance landscape continuously evolves. What does “compliance” actually mean? […]

Don’t Fall Short on Data Privacy

Data Privacy

To ensure that companies do not infringe on data privacy laws and rights, they must first know what the term “data privacy” actually means. In the realm of information technology (IT), data privacy regulates whether data that is being stored on a computer system may be shared with third parties, and, if so, what part of the data may be shared.

In South Africa, data privacy was originally regulated by the common law and data was protected by the constitutional right to privacy. Additional legislation, such as the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECTA), for example, provided further regulations and requirements for the management of data and its privacy.

Kaluma’s Executive Briefing on IT Security Policy – ISO/IEC 27001. Yes, you’re Accountable!

Our first Executive Briefing covers the internationally accepted best practice for IT Security – ISO/IEC 27001. Kaluma’s aim is to bring awareness of the issues and accountability in this critical, board-level issue. These briefings are not aimed at technologists, but are rather aimed at the business leaders at the top of the organizational ladder.

Information Security is a Board Level Issue

The State of Corporate IT Security Data breaches and hackers compromising sensitive IT systems, seem to be an almost daily occurrence to anyone opening a newspaper. Of course, these are just the security incidents being made public. We have reached a point where, unless tens of millions of customers have their confidential information leaked all […]