Data Protection Around the World

Worldwide Data Protection

Data protection around the world is a global issue. As such, countries around the world have developed enforceable data protection legislation to regulate information security. Privacy International confirms that effective data protection is the only way that citizens and consumers can have confidence in both government and business.

European Data Protection

The European data protection laws are considered to be the most comprehensive. This is due to the European Union and the European Economic Area adopting the 1995 Data Protection Directive. In 2012 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was tabled, to provide a more comprehensive data protection framework. It strives to meet the information security needs of a more globalised, technologically developed world. Various amendments have been made and it is expected that this regulation will come into effect in 2016.

In January 2014, Europe proposed new laws and regulations on cybersecurity in order to bolster the existing legislation, including:

The E-Privacy Directive (2002/58/EC)
The European Critical Infrastructures Directive (2008/114/EC)
The Data Protection Directive (1995/46/EC)

The new directive establishes a Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in each of the 23 member states. It also prescribes that all member states must adopt their own security frameworks.

Asian Data Protection

The Chronicle of Data Protection reports that 2015 was a turning point in data privacy regulation in Asia. Throughout 2014, data protection regulation was implemented in Singapore and Malaysia, the Chinese consumer protection law was amended and Hong Kong’s Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data continued to drive privacy regulation. Japan is in the process of amending its Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and South Korea has implemented strict restrictions and regulations.

Do you do business in Europe or Asia? Do you know which data protection practices apply to you?

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